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4 ways to recover from holiday eating craziness

The vast majority of holiday fare is rich and calorie-heavy, which presents challenges to those looking to lose or maintain their weight. If you want to continue your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen but are concerned about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s-related weight gain, use these tips to stay on track. All are designed to help you recover from holiday eating.

Start Drinking Green Tea

Consuming four to five cups of green tea daily combined with routine exercise has shown to help people lose more weight, including dreaded belly fat, than those who do not enjoy the brew. Swap alcoholic libations for green tea this winter whenever possible to remain on your fast weight loss course.

Take More Steps

A FitBit or similar device helps you count daily steps. Taking 10,000 or more steps every day makes it easier to lose or maintain weight, especially if they’re taken in combination with strength and cross training exercises. If it’s too cold and icy to walk outdoors, have fun with the many free walking workouts available on YouTube. They’re ideal for any fitness level and still work up a sweat.

Build Muscle

Strength and resistance training allow you to replace muscle with fat. Gift yourself a new pair of dumbbells and build muscle over the holiday season and beyond with free weight workouts online. Also consider purchasing resistance bands that allow you to use your own body weight to train.

Eat More Fiber & Protein

Enjoying protein and fiber at every meal keeps you satiated so you aren’t as tempted by those Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies. Healthy fat also helps you feel full, unlike simple carbs and sugary treats. However, healthy fat can still be high in calories, so measure your portions.

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