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4 ways to measure weight loss without a scale

A scale is hardly the only way to determine how much weight you have lost. Experts continually debate the benefits of weighing yourself on a regularly basis when you are trying to shed excess pounds, and if you are one who feels distressed every time you step on your scale, it’s time for other methods of weight loss measurement. Use them in conjunction with Phentermine 37.5mg to feel better about your weight loss journey.

Take Pictures

Take pictures every week or two of your progress. Wear workout clothes so you get a solid idea of how your body is faring and use the pictures as inspiration to continue with your weight loss journey. Try to take the pictures at the same time of day, such as in the morning before you eat breakfast, to gauge your progress.

Use A Tape Measure

Measure your waist, hips, thighs, and other specific areas to see if you have lost or gained inches. This method also makes it easy to determine where you lose and gain weight the fastest.

Try On A Pair Of Jeans

Keep a pair of “skinny jeans” handy and try them on about every two or three weeks to mark your progress. Consider how far you can zip them up, how much “muffin top” you have, how tight they feel in the thighs, etc.

Get A Fitness Tracker

Invest in a fitness tracker to track your food intake, activity level, and heart rate. Fitness trackers not only make you more conscious of what you do and how much you eat, they also help you realize small victories, such as forgoing late night snacks and taking more steps on a particular day.

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