If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg to assist your fast weight loss efforts, it’s a good idea to “audit” your home. Making your house more weight loss-friendly helps considerably on your weight loss journey. Review a few ideas to get started. 

Hang a Mirror in Your Dining Room

Install a mirror where you eat regularly, such as your dining room or eat-in kitchen. Doing so makes you more aware of what you’re eating, and how much. Think of it as a way to keep yourself in check instead of adding more butter to bread or going for that third helping of mac ‘n cheese. 

Don’t Put a TV in Your Kitchen

Eating in front of the television is a common pastime, but one that can result in mindless noshing. Remove the “kitchen TV” if necessary to help yourself concentrate on your food. Focus on thoroughly chewing every bite to assist with digestion in addition to helping your brain realize that you are full. 

Place Smaller Plates Within Reach

Always have small plates available instead of large ones that encourage heaping portions. Small plates help considerably with portion control, as weight gain is often about how much people eat in addition to what they eat. Since estimating portion size isn’t always simple, use smaller flatware to start the process. 

Work With Essential Oils

Certain essential oils, such as peppermint, have been found to curb the appetite by making people feel full. Purchase an essential oil diffuser if you don’t already have one and use it to disperse the oil’s pleasant, invigorating scent throughout your home. It will smell better inside as an added bonus. 

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