Takeout does not rank high on any fast weight loss tip list, as it is typically full of processed ingredients, fat, and sugar. However, there are plenty of ways to make healthier takeout choices that do not hinder your weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg. Keep your takeout orders minimal and practice these tips to avoid derailing your diet. 

Skip the Fried Stuff

Fried food contributes significantly to weight gain, including the dreaded belly fat. It’s also unhealthy in general, as fried fare can contain carcinogens. It is therefore a good idea to abstain from French fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, broccoli bites, and other fried foods when you order takeout. Your waistline and your health will thank you, and you’ll feel good about yourself for saying no. 

Always Blot Your Pizza

The old “blot your pizza with a napkin to save calories” truly does work, as the oil and grease atop most slices adds to your daily caloric intake. Make a habit of blotting your pizza and eating everything but the crust. Most of the dough in a pizza slice is within the crust, and since it’s white processed stuff, you’ll increase your chances of accumulating belly fat. 

Try Spicy Foods

While you do not have to eat extremely-spicy food unless you really enjoy it, there are many benefits to consuming takeout that’s spicy or “hot.” Jalapeno peppers, for example, contain fat-burning compounds that aid weight loss. Spices also replace salt and sugar to add flavor without the extra calories and health risks. 

Make Ordering Salads a Habit

Asking for salad as a side is an easy way to make a takeout order healthier. You can also order salads as stand-alone meals, such as Caesar salad with grilled chicken and the dressing on the side. Skip additives that turn healthy salads into calorie bombs, including cheese, bacon bits, and croutons. 

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