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4 ways to make healthier brunch choices

Brunch is a weekly staple for many, as it provides a chance to meet with friends and family while enjoying breakfast foods and classic “morning” beverages, such as Bloody Marys and mimosas. If you are a regular brunch attendee but need to start making healthier choices in light of your weight loss regimen with Phentermine 37.5mg, let this guide inspire you. 

Stick to Protein

Instead of ordering pancakes or waffles that cause your blood sugar to spike and crash, which makes you feel hungry too soon, opt for protein-based fare. Veggie-loaded omelettes provide a fantastic way to feel satisfied and satiated post-brunch–for best results, ask for yours without cheese or fatty meat, like ham or bacon. Greek yogurt-based menu items also provide protein to ensure you feel full. 

Skip the Booze

Brunch might be synonymous with day drinking, but imbibing early in the day can lead to excessive libation intake. The earlier you start drinking, the more likely you are to keep drinking to avoid feeling lethargic at 5pm. By sticking to water and unsweetened tea, you’ll limit your caloric intake and will get more out of your Saturday or Sunday because you won’t be inebriated. 

Don’t Forget About Oats

Oatmeal provides another healthy way to enjoy brunch, as the fiber-rich dish turns into a gel of sorts in the body that prevents premature hunger. Order your oatmeal with other healthy additives, such as assorted berries, cinnamon, and nuts. If you can’t give up pancakes, ask for one pancake with your oatmeal order. 

Keep Drinking Water

Drink a glass of water at least 30 minutes before you eat, since doing so encourages fullness and makes overeating less likely. Sip water at brunch and throughout the day to avoid mistaking thirst for hunger, a common problem that causes people to eat when they should hydrate.

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