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4 ways to lose weight before your vacation

If your upcoming vacation involves a tropical paradise or other destination that requires wearing swimsuits, shorts, and tank tops, take a moment to breathe. There are many ways to shed extra pounds pre-vacation with the right lifestyle habits and Phentermine 37.5mg. Review a few tips to get you started here. 

Think About What Motivates You

Consider adding a picture of your destination on your refrigerator to help you stay motivated, or an old photo you look great in. These and similar tactics remind you to make smart food and activity choices every day instead of indulging in breakfast bagels or late-night sweet treats. 

Create a Workout Regimen

Talk to a personal trainer about a workout routine that helps you burn calories and tone your muscles relatively quickly, such as HIIT workouts. Cycling, swimming, walking, and kickboxing also help you reach your goal efficiently. 

Remake Your Pantry

Make it easier to resist temptation by removing it entirely. Do a ‘food audit’ in your kitchen that eliminates simple carbs and other sugary fare, including cookies, donuts, and chips. Remove fried options from your fridge and freezer as well since they are sources of bad fat, and stock up on healthy options such as fruit and vegetables. Keep whole foods visible, such as in a fruit bowl, to further help you make healthy choices. 

Say No to Alcohol

Take a break from the libations until your vacation. Beer, wine, mixed drinks, and essentially any other form of alcohol is packed with empty calories. Alcohol also slows the metabolism as the liver works to get rid of the ‘toxin.’ Rather than undoing the work you do every day, limit the vino, suds, and hard stuff.

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