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4 ways to improve your metabolism

A fast metabolism is one of the keys to successful weight loss. To give yours a boost and subsequently help Phentermine 37.5mg work effectively, review the following suggestions. 

Start the Day With Exercise

Make morning workouts your new routine.

“Think of fat cells as hibernating,” says Ellie Busby, a registered nutritionist in the United Kingdom. “They require very little energy to maintain because these cells are not very active. Studies show that even people with a gene called ‘FTO’ that’s associated with a slower metabolism lost as much weight as people without the gene when they engaged in regular exercise for four weeks.” 

Stick to Unsweetened Beverages

Sugar is a weight loss enemy! 

Doing so “allows your pancreas and storage hormones a chance to rest between meals,” says Jessica Cutler, MD. “Eliminating any food intake after dinner until breakfast or lunch the next day allows your body a chance to use the energy it has already stored in the form of fat.” 

Focus on Resistance Training

Muscle burns calories at a more efficient rate than fat. 

“The best way to elevate your metabolism is through resistance exercise, such as lifting weights, which raises your metabolism for 48 to 72 hours after as your body recovers from the workout,” says powerlifting champion and Olympic official Robert Herbst. 

Forget About Dieting

Severely reducing your caloric intake will not help your quick weight loss efforts. 

“Constantly dieting will wreck your metabolism,” warns certified personal trainer Lara Days. “When we eat more food, we support an efficient system, we have more energy to work harder in the gym, we can build more muscle, and we can burn more through TEF (thermic effect of food).”

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