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4 ways to have a fitness-minded memorial

Celebrating memorial typically includes lots of comfort and junk foods…and plenty of alcohol. Yet it is entirely possible to have a fitness-themed that helps rather than hinders your Phentermine 37.5mg fast weight loss regimen.

Review ideas for an active Memorial Day to get inspired. 

Start the Day With a Workout

Put yourself in a healthy holiday mindset by working out prior to celebrating, even if it’s just a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Exercising first thing in the morning has shown to help people make healthy food choices throughout the day because they do not want to undo the work they put in. 

Go Swimming

Enjoy a low-impact resistance workout by swimming. If you’re attending a pool party, the water feature offers an excellent way to burn calories without stressing your joints because they remain buoyant. Do laps or simply walk in the pool for at least 15 minutes to tone your muscles, burn calories and fat, and give your heart a great workout. 

Have Fun With Other Water Sports

Make water activities your holiday theme this year if you have the means. Paddleboarding, kayaking, and water skiing provide abdominal and arm if not full-body workouts depending on what you select, and ensure you keep burning calories on a day all about hot dogs, chips, cookies, and other unhealthy fare. 

Play Games With Family Members

Organize a game of touch football with friends and family, or other fun backyard/beach games such as playing frisbee. Spending an hour or two running around with your favorite people prevents you from eating more than you burn. Consider ending the day with a walk around the block for extra calorie-burning benefits. 

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