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4 ways to curb nighttime eating habits

Nighttime noshing is a common habit for many, and one that can easily result in weight gain. Most people aren’t getting much physical activity before going to bed, meaning the calories they consume pre-bedtime are more likely to be stored as fat. Below are tips for curbing nighttime eating and subsequently helping your efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg

Eat a Filling Dinner

Choose dinner foods that prevent nighttime snacking because you feel full, such as protein, fiber, and healthy fat-based fare. Whole grain dishes, nuts, vegetable sides such as peas and sweet potatoes, and other whole foods make it easy to say no to nighttime eating. You probably won’t even think about it because you’re satiated. 

Go For a Post-Dinner Walk

Enjoy walking around the neighborhood with your partner, friend, or family member. Post-meal strolls encourage healthy nighttime food choices because you do not want to derail the work you just put in. If you are still really and truly hungry, focus on low-calorie snacks, such as cottage cheese with whole grain crackers, or hummus with veggies. 

Avoid Alcohol

Abstain from alcohol whenever you can, since it lowers inhibitions to make poor food choices more likely. You might be tempted to order pizza or sugary snacks, or raid your fridge. Alcohol also slows your metabolism as your body gets rid of the “toxin,” which is another reason to avoid nighttime drinking, at least on weekdays. 

Find Healthy Distractions

Look for ways to avoid eating at night, such as doing some steps or lunges while you watch your favorite TV show, or playing a board game with your family. Too many people snack out of boredom, not hunger, resulting in unnecessary caloric intakes and weight gain. Mindfulness is therefore key when making food decisions.

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