Spring cleaning does not just apply to your home and yard. Use the season of rebirth and renewal to clean up your diet as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen. Phentermine pills require a healthy diet and exercise program to provide fast weight loss results. Keep these tips in mind as you “audit” your diet this spring.

Forget The Sugary Beverages

Trade sugary beverages, including iced coffees topped with whipped cream and syrup, for water. The vital liquid wakes the brain and organs up in the morning while also jump-starting the metabolism, especially if you drink it cold. If water’s lack of taste does not appeal to you, throw in healthy additives such as assorted berries, cucumbers, and squeezes of lemon and lime. If you opt for citrus additions, wait at least a half an hour before brushing your teeth to avoid rubbing acid into your enamel.

Trade Pasta For Zucchini Noodles

Break your pasta habit with zucchini noodles, the inexpensive, extremely healthy alternative. They provide just as much flavor without packing on the pounds. If you cannot fully give up pasta, opt for whole wheat versions to feel fuller for longer.

Go Meatless At Least One Day A Week

Eat less saturated and trans fats by eschewing meat at least one day a week. Opt for plant-based proteins instead such as beans, whole grains including quinoa, and hemp milk. Stick to lean meat cuts when you do eat animal products to avoid ingesting extra bad fat.

Eat Whole Foods As Much As Possible

Clean up your diet by eating whole foods as much as you can. Processed foods not only lack nutrients, they are usually full of sodium, sugar, and bad fat. Whole foods, in comparison, are free of additives and usually low in calories.
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