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4 ways to bounce back after a calorie-heavy weekend

The weekends can make it easy to indulge, whether you are having wine with friends and family, going out for a rich dinner, getting brunch on Sunday morning, or doing anything else involving fattening food and alcohol.

If your latest weekend adventure left you feeling guilty about the number of calories you consumed, get tips for bouncing back here. All assist your efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg

Get a Workout In on Monday Morning

Help yourself feel good after a calorie-tastic weekend with some exercise. Go for a brisk walk, do some yoga, try that ab workout you’ve been wanting to do, or something else that gets you moving. Working out early makes it easier to make healthy choices throughout the day because you’ll have had such a strong start. 

Say No to Booze

Avoid drinking on Monday and the rest of the week, as alcohol is a serious enemy of weight loss. Your metabolism slows as your body tries to rid itself of the “toxin,” causing your liver to work overtime. By limiting your libations, the weight will come off quickly. 

Focus on Whole Foods

Consider what whole foods you can eat at every meal, such as avocado spread on whole wheat toast with a side of berries for breakfast, and veggies and nuts for lunch. Staying whole food-conscious at every meal opportunity helps with weight loss because you won’t consume sugary foods and other processed fare. 

Go For Post-Dinner Walks

Enjoy a walk on Monday night and throughout the rest of the week, especially if dinner is your heaviest meal of the day. Post-meal walks help you burn calories so what you just consumed does not get stored as fat. 

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