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4 ways to beat unhealthy cravings permanently

Cravings can put a serious dent in weight loss efforts. If you want to say goodbye to cravings for sugary, fatty, and salty foods this new year, let these tips inspire your efforts. They’ll help you lose weight faster with Phentermine 37.5mg to improve your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Go For a Run or Jog

Running or jogging for 30 minutes has shown to reduce hunger by increasing the production of peptide, an appetite-suppressing hormone. It also lowers ghrelin levels in the body, or the hormone responsible for increasing hunger.

Eat Greek Yogurt

Rather than giving into cravings and subsequently eating for emotional reasons, opt for Greek yogurt. It features protein that boosts your mood in two ways: first, it provides gut probiotics with nutrients that improve outlook. Second, it increases neurotransmitter levels to further encourage feelings of happiness.

Drink Cold Water

It’s not uncommon for people to think they’re hungry when they are actually thirsty. The next time you feel a craving coming on, drink a glass of cold water. Doing so curbs hunger pangs, helps you feel full, and burns calories. The body has to expend energy to bring the water’s temperature up, which helps your metabolism work efficiently.

Jump Rope

Research indicates the bouncing motions from jumping rope “disturbs” the digestive tract, which decreases hunger feelings. The next time you’re thinking about eating that cookie or slice of pie, grab a jump rope and get moving. You can also jump on an exercise trampoline or do some jumping jacks. See how many you can do each day to not only reduce cravings, but belly fat. Jumping is one of the best ways to banish the dreaded fat for good.

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