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4 Ways to Avoid Halloween Candy Temptations

The arrival of fall means Halloween candy is practically everywhere you turn, such as at grocery, drug, convenience, and retail stores. To help you avoid those bags of candy that can be so tempting, review the following tips. 

Stick to Store Perimeters

Grocery stores tend to have the healthiest foods, such as produce, whole-grain bread, and Greek yogurt on the end aisles. Processed fare such as chips, crackers, and cookies are typically in the middle aisles, as is Halloween candy. Shopping the store perimeter helps you avoid temptation and purchase the healthy fare you need to shed weight

Buy Candy You Don’t Like

If you don’t want to wait too long to purchase Halloween candy to give out to local kids, choose sweet treats you don’t like. That way, you won’t want to open a candy bag in the days before Halloween and possibly feel bad about yourself afterwards. Buying candy relatively early in the month also ensures you have options instead of what’s left on store shelves. 

Eat Before You Shop

Shopping on an empty stomach has shown to make poor food choices more likely. Enjoy a healthy meal or snack before you go shopping to avoid this issue, such as one with protein, fiber, and healthy fat. It’s easy to blow past candy and cookie aisles when you’re full. 

Don’t Deprive Yourself Too Much

Saying no to all Halloween candy throughout the month increases the risk of binging. Allow yourself a favorite chocolate or candy every so often and really savor it. You’ll enjoy the sweetness that much more and won’t feel compelled to keep eating. Deprivation never helps quick weight loss efforts or your emotional health. 

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