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4 ways smoothies contribute to weight gain

Smoothies are widely considered one of the diet keys to weight loss, yet they can actually cause weight gain without the right practices. Learn four of the ways smoothies help pack on the pounds to make Phentermine 37.5mg more effective.

Mistake #1: Making Smoothies Part of Meals

A smoothie should be a meal replacement, not part of a meal. By adding a smoothie to your meal, you’re increasing the calorie content significantly. If your smoothies aren’t keeping you full, add ingredients that contribute to satiety.

“Try adding avocado, flax seeds, chia seeds, nut milk, and a good quality protein powder to make it more filling,” says Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, CSN, DC.

Mistake #2: Drinking Keto Shakes Without Being on the Keto Diet

Consuming Keto smoothies helps when you’re on the diet, but have the opposite effect if you aren’t.

“Keto smoothies or shakes may contain avocado, coconut oil, milk or nut milk, and nut butters. While these are all super healthy ingredients, the calorie intake is high when you aren’t following the very low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet,” notes Dr. Axe.

Mistake #3: Consuming a Smoothie Pre-Workout

Make smoothies post-workout snacks, not pre-.

“When you work out, the body first looks to the digestive system for energy. If there is anything in the digestive system to pull energy from, it will get used up first. Then the body will transition to burning stored fat, but the process can take some time,” says personal trainer Jerry Snider. “Most people looking to lose weight won’t work out long enough to have their body transition from burning the smoothie to burning fat.”

Mistake #4: Not Measuring Calories

Smoothies can become unintentional calorie bombs.

“Once people begin to understand how many calories they are consuming in their smoothies, they tend to balance out their eating patterns automatically,” remarks nutritionist Serena Poon. “Smoothies are a delicious and often nutritious addition to your diet; it just might be a good idea to space out the frequency or balance out your other meals for the day when you drink them.”

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