The ketogenic, or keto, diet has reigned as one of the most popular diets of the past few years. It forces the body to enter a ketogenic state by decreasing carb intake and increasing fat and protein intakes. Some 75% of nutrients on the keto diet are from fat. If you recently started this diet or plan to as part of your fast weight loss regimen with Phentermine 37.5mg, review warning signs telling you to stop.

Nausea & Vomiting

Experiencing “keto flu” is a clear warning sign. 

“Keto flu is pretty common and can last anywhere from a few days to a week or two,” says dietitian Anne Danahy, MS, RDN. She suggests drinking water to minimize symptoms via extra electrolytes. 


Changing your macronutrient consumption can result in headaches, as can lowered insulin levels from consuming fewer carbohydrates. You also urinate more on the keto diet because the body rids itself of fluids at a faster rate during ketosis. All of these things can contribute to headaches that make even simple tasks challenging. If you regularly experience headaches because of keto, look for other healthy diet options.


The body uses carbohydrates as fuel, and consuming so few carbs can have a serious effect on your energy level. Rather than feeling tired and sluggish all the time, add complex carbohydrates to your diet, including whole and sprouted grain bread, whole wheat pasta, and sweet potatoes. 


If your body isn’t used to digesting so much fat, you might find yourself in the bathroom more often. Diarrhea occurs because your body is trying to get rid of the fat, which can dehydrate you in addition to causing physical discomfort and scheduling problems. Learn more about quick weight loss with Phentermine pills today by contacting

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