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4 warning signs indicating you’re exercising too much

While exercise is key to weight loss and an overall healthy life, it’s still possible to overdo it. Review signs you’re pushing your body too hard and potentially hindering your fast weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg.

Sign #1: You’re Injured All the Time

If you always seem to be injured, it could mean you’re exercising too much.

“I see an accumulation of tension in the muscles, whether it’s tightness or pain or loss of motion—that’s a precursor to an injury and usually the first sign of overuse,” says chiropractor Dr. Donna Copertino.

One to two recovery days per week provide the rest the body needs.

Sign #2: You Always Feel Fatigued

“I see patients that will have fatigue—they’ll just feel tired and some level of depression,” says Copertino.

If you’re exercising all the time and your mood seems different more often than not, your mental health from excessive exercise is taking a hit. Do different things to perk yourself up, such as meditating, reading, and watching favorite shows.

Sign #3: You Overeat

The body requires calories after working out. It provides fuel and subsequently energy for the rest of the day.

“Your body and your hormones can get off track and can cause you to gain weight,” says Shauna Harrison, Ph.D..

Overtraining can make you overdo it on post-exercise snacks because hunger hormones are in overdrive, resulting in weight gain. Practice mindful eating to avoid this problem.

Sign #4: You Aren’t Motivated

Working out too much can drain you of motivation.

“Signs like these people often don’t pay attention to and they think, “I just need to train harder,” says Harrison.

Focus on quality workouts using proper form, and switching your routine up when you do exercise.
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