The more active you are, the easier it becomes to lose weight and enjoy a healthier life. If you plan on taking Phentermine 37.5mg for quick weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise regimen helps you reach your goal even faster. Review unusual ways to increase your daily step count, and subsequently look and feel great. 

Make Taking the Stairs a Habit

Forgo the elevators in shopping centers and your own building, if applicable, in favor of the stairs. Not only will you dramatically increase your step count depending on how many stairs you take, you will get the added bonus of seriously toning your leg muscles. Climbing stairs with weighted objects, such as grocery bags, adds more resistance to burn more calories. 

Walk in Place at Your Standing Desk

Start walking in place whenever you can if you have a sit/stand desk, such as when you’re in a virtual meeting or doing a task that does not require significant brain power. If you own a Fitbit or other step counting device, you’ll be probably surprised at how many steps you take during these sessions. 

Try 5-Minute Walking Workouts

Look for five-minute walking workouts on YouTube, as there are dozens to select from. They can add 600 steps or more to your daily count, while 15-minute versions help you walk a mile or more. These workouts also provide excellent warmups before engaging in strength training or other workouts, such as ab and glute exercises. 

Walk & Talk

Instead of sitting or lying down when you’re talking on the phone to friends and family, get up and walk around. Walk through assorted rooms, up and down any stairs, or in place. Take your “phone workout” up a few notches by incorporating skater moves, lunges, side steps, and squats. 

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