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4 trainers offer their best secrets for summer weight loss

Numerous professional trainers recently revealed their best secrets for summer weight loss to Reader’s Digest to help dieters everywhere look great as the weather turns hot. Take a moment to learn these secrets to help Phentermine 37.5mg work its magic this summer:

Maintain A Sense Of Balance

“Ideally, it’s great to break down all meals to four to five portions per day while following macros based on your weight, height, and fitness goals,” says Tone House coach Roxie Jones. “This creates a steady stream of energy for the metabolism, but also prevents an overload of calories for the body to break down in one sitting.”

Eliminate Unnecessary Fluids

Eliminate all liquids except water to banish bloat and help yourself slim down.

“Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste, and release water retention, which is one of the main causes of stomach bloating,” says Sweatworking app trainer Erica Marie Robinson.

Avoid Extremes

“Don’t stray too far from your everyday self to achieve the look,” notes Jeana Anderson Cohen, founder of A Sweat Life. “The most common example is losing weight for a vacation or a wedding. If you’re restricting rather than making habit and lifestyle changes, science says you’ll gain it right back.”

Eat Heavy Foods In The Morning

“I load up on carbs and proteins in the early part of the day because I need them and burn them during my workouts,” says Selena Samuela, a trainer at Shadowbox. “I religiously only eat salads or veggies for dinner with or without a lean protein like grilled chicken or fish, steering clear of super salty or heavy dressings, and usually keeping it simple with a touch of olive oil and lemon.”
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