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4 tips to help you start working out in the morning

There are many benefits to working out in the morning, including revving your metabolism, getting your energy up for the day, and enjoying more time for you after work. If you want to start working out in the morning to complement your Phentermine pill-driven weight loss program, use these tips to make it happen.

Set Two Alarms

Set an alarm to go off 15 to 20 minutes before a second alarm. Knowing you have that extra time to sleep helps motivate you to actually get up when the second alarm goes off.

Put On Energizing Music

Play music that gets you motivated in the morning, whatever it may be. Having favorite music to listen to while you work out easily inspires your weight loss efforts. Why? It provides a fun soundtrack to enjoy as you burn calories.

Get Everything Ready

Put your exercise clothes as well as your outfit for work out before you go to bed in the evening. This saves time so you can spend more minutes exercising the following morning instead of rushing around trying to get everything together. It also helps you sleep better because you know what you need is within reach.

In addition to putting clothes out, have breakfast items ready. For example, put smoothie ingredients in a blender each night so you can easily blend them the next morning and enjoy a filling, nutrient-dense morning meal.

Put Your Alarm On A Table

Place your alarm on a table or anywhere else that forces you to get up and turn it off. Once you are up, splash cold water on your face to immediately wake yourself up. Follow this with a glass of water to wake your brain and body up even more.
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