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4 Tips To Avoid Sabotaging Your Diet This Weekend

As diligent as many dieters are on weekdays, too many make poor food choices on weekends. If this applies to you and you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5 mg, keep the following tips in mind to get the most from the miracle diet pills.

Don’t Wait To Eat

Although you may maintain a strict breakfast routine on weekdays, what are your weekends like? Lounging around in bed and doing other things than eating on weekend mornings can leave you super-hungry…and more likely to get donuts, bagels, or other unhealthy fare. Get in the habit of eating soon after you wake up so you don’t fall victim to mid-morning hunger pangs and unhealthy cravings. And don’t forget to start your day with water to wake yourself up and jump-start your metabolism.

Stay Active

Do you forget about working out on weekends? While you do not need to exercise every day, especially if you are weight training, it is still important to stay active on weekends. Walk instead of driving or taking public transportation to do your errands, or go hiking with friends and family. Even walking around your neighborhood helps!

Save Your Indulgences

Give pause before snacking on that food full of sugar and or bad fat. Do you really want it, or would you rather wait and enjoy something else later that you really like, such as an expensive glass of wine or piece of chocolate cake? Don’t eat just to eat–practice mindful eating so you can save (and savor) your indulgences.

Keep Drinking Water

The weekend is not the time to forgo hydration. Sip water all day just like you do on weekdays, especially if you plan on drinking alcohol later in the evening. Water curbs hunger and helps you feel full so you are less likely to make poor food and drink decisions.
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