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4 tips that help prepare for thanksgiving

For many, Thanksgiving is a day of enjoying a variety of comfort foods. And while it is perfectly fine to indulge on Turkey Day, it is equally important to remain on the Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss track. Review weight loss tips that help you get ready for the holiday season. 

Keep Working Out

It can be challenging to continue working out as your holiday to-do list gets longer. However, finding time to exercise is essential not only for fast weight loss, but for your stress level. You’ll stress less during the holidays with endorphin-boosting workouts, which helps prevent belly fat. There is a direct connection between cortisol, the stress hormone, and fat accumulation in the midsection. If you don’t have time to do a long workout, opt for 10 to 15-minute vigorous options. 

Stay Hydrated

Too many people mistake thirst for hunger and eat when they need to hydrate. Sip water throughout the day, every day to avoid this problem. Water also helps you feel full, especially if you drink a glass 30 minutes before a meal. You won’t eat as much as a result. 

Limit the Alcohol

Alcohol is a dehydrating beverage that contributes to weight gain because it slows the metabolism while the liver gets rid of it. Try to limit the libations as much as possible before Thanksgiving to help you slim down. If you must drink on the holiday, stick to options such as expensive glasses of wine you are more likely to savor. Such beverages help you drink less. 

Get Enough Sleep 

Without sufficient sleep, your body’s hormones do not get the opportunity to self-regulate. These hormones include those that suppress and increase the appetite. If they are out of whack, you are more likely to wake up hungry and eat fattening fare because you’re groggy. 

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