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4 tips for smarter, healthier shopping

One of the many tricks to weight loss is making smart decisions each time you visit the grocery store. Help your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts with these simple and easy tips:

Never Shop Hungry

Shopping on an empty stomach is a well-known path to poor food choices, such as those involving baked goods or frozen treats. Eat a healthy meal or filling, nutrient-rich snack before you visit the local grocery store so you are never tempted to purchase that bag of bagels or assorted high-sodium, processed foods.

Make A Plan

Deciding what you are going to have for dinner avoids impulse decisions. Make a list of what you need for the week’s meals and stick to it. This also helps you avoid snack aisles full of cookies and chips. You may want to create a standard grocery list featuring health food essentials and add or subtract to it as needed.

Work The Perimeter

Shopping the perimeter of your local grocery store is another classic and highly-effective trick. The perimeter generally includes the produce aisle among other fresh options, such as dairy products, while the middle aisles are laden with processed, sugary foods. Work the perimeter as much as possible to make healthier choices each time you shop.

Opt For Pre-Packaged Options

Pre-cut produce and the like is another simple way to eat smarter and better. If the veggies and fruit are already cut and peeled, for example, it makes preparing snacks and full meals a lot easier. This means less takeout and visits to nearby restaurants because you will not have to spend a lot of time cooking. Feeling “too tired” to cook is unfortunately common, so why not make food prep easier on yourself?

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