The summer season is synonymous with events for many, including barbecues and other warm season parties. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg and want to make healthy choices during summer festivities, review the following tips.  

Eat A Healthy Meal First

Enjoy a healthy, hearty meal before you attend the barbecue or other summer event. This can seem counterintuitive since there will be food at the party, but it avoids making poor food decisions because you are hungry. Make sure it features lean protein and complex carbs to arrive satiated and eat considerably less. 

Limit The Alcohol

Limit your alcohol intake as much as possible, especially in regards to beer, wine, and mixed drinks of the ‘tropical’ variety. All are empty calorie bombs that, when combined with too much barbecue or sweet treats, put you on the train to weight gain. Excessive alcohol intake also makes poor food choices more probable because your inhibitions are lowered. The fewer alcoholic drinks you have, the less likely you are to eat sugar and bad fat. 

Load Up On Veggies

Fill about ¾ of your plate with vegetables and save the remaining portion for a simple carb or sweet treat. Vegetables take time to digest and will not leave you feeling hungry midway through the party. If you do want to indulge, make sure it is something you really like that you can really savor. 

Get Social

Spend time talking to friends and family instead of parking yourself in front of the buffet or grill line. You will not even realize you are missing the dessert table or other temptations you would normally eat. Catch up with everyone, play games, and otherwise have a great time so you leave the party feeling fantastic instead of guilty!

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