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4 tips for making “flat stomach” oatmeal

Rolled and steel-cut oats remain celebrated not only for their health perks, but their weight loss benefits. The whole grain turns into a gel-like substance upon digestion that aids the fast weight loss process with Phentermine 37.5mg. Use these tips to ensure your oats always contribute to a flat stomach.

Make Them the Night Before

Enjoy cold oats after preparing them the previous evening. Cold oats retain their prebiotic-resistant starch to promote satiation and remove blood glucose that contributes to fat retention.

“Overnight oats have been shown to be better for digestion, more than hot prepared oats,” says Nilou Shahryari, the CEO of ONO Overnight Oats. “Since the oats have a chance to ferment throughout the soaking process, it leads to less phytic acid, better nutrient absorption, and overall digestion and gut health.”

Top With Fruit or Veggies

Add a variety of fruits or vegetables to your morning oats to increase nutrient content and enjoy an even healthier meal. Fruits help your sweet tooth, while vegetables feature high fiber content to keep you feeling full. Think spinach, mushrooms, berries, and bananas.

Add Protein

Since oatmeal is still a carbohydrate, add protein sources to avoid bloating. Protein powder, slivered almonds, milled flaxseed, peanut butter or other nut butter, and walnuts are among your best options for giving the oats a protein boost.

Never Eat Flavored Oats

Refrain from buying flavored oats that are typically loaded with sugar. Opt for rolled or steel-cut versions to sidestep the added sugar and stay satiated for longer. Again, opt for protein and other healthy toppings if you don’t like the rather bland taste of “regular” oatmeal. And since unflavored oatmeal offers a chewy texture, you’ll take more time to eat it and therefore feel fuller for longer.

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