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4 tips for maintaining your weight loss

A common fear many who have lost weight have is the possibility of gaining it back. If you recently completed your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and are slightly fearful of weight regain, use these tips to keep the excess pounds off for good:

Exercise For One Hour Every Day

According to the National Weight Gain Control Registry, you should exercise for a total of one hour every day. This does not mean you have to endure an intense, one-hour cardio workout daily, as there is such a thing as exercising too much. What you need is physical activity that totals an hour every day, such as 30 minutes of working out plus half an hour of walking around on errands. It is also important not to weight train every day as it does not allow the muscles to repair themselves and grow stronger.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many reasons, including weight loss. A healthy, fiber-rich breakfast keeps you satiated well into the lunch hour so you are not eating the breakroom donuts by 11am. Breakfast also jump-starts your metabolism to help you burn more calories.

Watch Less TV

Watching less than 10 hours of television a week is another tip the National Weight Gain Control Registry recommends because mindless snacking is associated with spending too much time in front of “the tube.” Replace television with fun physical activities, or at least do squats and other exercises during TV time so you are not sitting for hours.

Weigh Yourself Often

Weighing yourself every week makes it easier to select healthier, calorie-burning foods or increase your activity level for the next few days. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning to get the most accurate results, as food and water intake both tip the scale throughout the day.

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