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4 tips for losing weight after age 50

While losing weight as you get older can become more of a challenge due to slower metabolisms, it is entirely possible to shed pounds after the age of 50. Take your Phentermine pills as directed and use these expert tips for fast weight loss.

Get Plenty Of Rest

The body is plenty busy when you sleep; however, rest patterns change as you age. Women going through menopause are particularly vulnerable to these changes due to issues such as night sweats. This can make losing weight difficult because you have more of the ghrelin hormone, or the hormone that tells you to eat. Sleep deprivation also means less of the leptin hormone, aka the chemical that signals you to stop eating. Try melatonin to help you sleep so you lose weight more efficiently.

Eat Lean Protein

Muscle mass decreases as we age, something eating more lean protein helps with. Aim for a lean protein serving at every meal to keep your muscles healthy and your stomach satiated so you don’t make poor food decisions that result in weight gain. Those who skip breakfast are especially susceptible.

Take Time For You

Stress releases cortisol, the hormone linked to dreaded belly fat. Identify the stressors in your life and take steps to eradicate them to help you enjoy a slimmer, trimmer stomach and waistline. Try meditation, taking long walks, spending more time with friends, exercising, and other well-known, healthy stress busters.

Check Your Meds

Some medication side effects include weight gain. Review your medications with your physician to adjust them as needed, especially if you are taking Phentermine 37.5mg. You do not want to deal with negative drug interactions that can compromise your health!

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