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4 tips for drinking less & losing weight

Alcohol does nothing for weight loss, as it’s full of empty calories and interferes with metabolic processes. As the metabolism slows so the liver can work overtime to eliminate the “toxin,” the body becomes more likely to store food as fat than burn it as energy. Libations also lower inhibitions to make unhealthy food choices more likely, and can result in consuming greasy fare for “hangover cure” reasons.

If you want to drink less to help your fast weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg, use these tips to get started. 

Limit Weekday Drinks

Get in the habit of saying no to alcohol on weekdays. While no drinks during the week isn’t a license to binge on the weekends, it keeps your alcoholic beverage count down to promote fast weight loss. You’ll also feel better and have more energy in the morning when you don’t drink the night before.

Avoid the High-Calorie Stuff

Say no to mixed beverages that are high in sugar and subsequently calories. Focus on sipping light beer instead, or hard liquor on the rocks. Clear liquor “neat” or with ice features the lowest calorie content. If you have to add something, make it seltzer that doesn’t feature sugar or significant calories. 

Don’t Keep Alcohol in the House

See if you can make your residence an alcohol-free zone, at least for a while. It’s much easier to not drink when the temptation isn’t there. If you can’t part with alcohol in this way, hide it under sinks or in pantries so it’s not in view. The less you see the bottles, the more likely you are to forget about them. 

Practice Mindful Sipping

Enjoy each sip of alcohol–really savor it to get the full effect. The more slowly you consume your beverage, the easier it will be to drink less throughout the day or night. 

For more on quick weight loss with Phentermine 37.5mg, please contact today. 

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