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4 “tiny” morning habits that interfere with weight loss

You’ve started taking Phentermine 37.5mg, you’re exercising regularly, and you’re watching what you eat. If you aren’t seeing weight loss results as quickly as you’d like, you may be guilty of these “tiny” habits that make shedding pounds difficult. Learn about some of them here to see what applies to you.

You Sleep In

Even sleeping in on weekends can have a detrimental effect on your body’s sleep cycle, which makes getting good shut-eye more challenging. When you don’t sleep soundly, the hunger hormone ghrelin works overtime to make you feel hungry when you aren’t. Get on a sleep schedule to regulate this hormone and help with weight loss.

You Don’t Put the Blinds Up

If you don’t open your blinds when you wake up every morning, you aren’t getting an immediate dose of vitamin D. Research indicates individuals who enjoy direct sunlight exposure between 8 am and noon decrease their weight gain risk, as the sun theoretically helps synchronize your metabolism for efficient fat-burning.

You Have Your First Cup of Coffee At Work

Waiting until you get to work to have your first beverage makes it harder to wake up in the morning and does nothing for your metabolism. Furthermore, if you drink a dehydrating beverage like coffee, your already-dehydrated body will send you hunger signals. Drink 16 to 18 ounces of water first thing to rehydrate and avoid mistaken hunger pangs.

You Eat Cereal

The body requires protein at every meal to successfully shed pounds. Cereal alone doesn’t provide fat-burning, muscle-building protein, making it a lacking breakfast choice. Opt for satiating oatmeal instead, which contains protein and fiber, as well as Greek yogurt among other healthy fare such as fruit.
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