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4 things to do in 2021 to lose weight

Losing weight in the new year is a goal for many, and with good reason. Fast weight loss with Phentermine 37.5mg not only improves the appearance, but overall health. Find out what experts recommend you do in 2021 to help the miracle weight loss drug work as efficiently as possible.

Make Well-Being Your Main Focus

Focus on losing weight for your mental, physical, and emotional health.

In our vanity-obsessed world, it’s tough to let go of using the number on the scale as a guide around ‘optimal’ body size and health, says Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD. “However, research is pretty clear that people who focus on health-related goals when aiming to improve dietary habits are much happier and more likely to lose weight than people who obsess overreaching a very specific number on the scale.”

Fuel Up

Nutrient-dense foods provide the fuel the body needs to remain energized and avoid binge-a-thons.

“Long stretches between meals can leave you hangry!” notes Rachel Fine, MS, RD. “In that case, you’re less likely to mindfully eat and thus more to eat past fullness.”

Write Down Your Reasons

Make a list of why you want to lose weight.

“It’s best to have concrete, long-term motives that relate to how you see yourself as a person for losing weight, rather than focusing on short-term events,” Dixon says. “Missions like ‘I want to lose weight for my 10-year class reunion,’ or ‘I need to drop inches to go on that cruise,’ are short-term and will never give your new, ‘healthy you’ behavior changes a chance of sticking.”

Maintain a Food Journal, Too

It also helps to keep a journal of what you consume every day.

“Write down everything you eat and drink. Studies show that those who log what they eat lose more weight and are more likely to keep it off,” says Julie Upton, MS, RD.

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