You’ve lost weight, but you aren’t sure why you aren’t losing more. Weight loss plateauing is a common problem with numerous possible causes. Learn about some of the sneakiest reasons you aren’t seeing more results to enhance your Phentermine 37.5mg fast weight loss efforts.

Reason #1: Not Eating Enough

While cutting calories is essential to early weight loss, severe calorie restriction tells the body to converse what fat it has instead of burning it. It’s one of the body’s survival tactics.

“Our bodies are really smart,” says registered dietitian Megan Kober, RD, of the The Nutrition Addiction. “If you’ve been eating super low-cal, you probably lost weight initially, but that isn’t sustainable. You have to eat more to feed your metabolism.”

Consume healthy fat, protein, and fiber every three to four hours to provide your metabolism with what it needs.

Reason #2: Accidentally Putting Calories Back In

Staying vigilant about calorie consumption is key.

“After losing weight successfully for a month or two, people tend to get lax on their efforts and hit a weight-loss plateau because they no longer pay attention to the amount of food they are consuming and are inaccurately estimating their portion sizes,” says Titilayo Ayanwola M.P.H., RD, LD, a registered dietitian at Plateful Of Yum. “In reality, they are most likely eating more than they think they are, causing their weight loss to stall.”

She recommends staying aware of portion sizes and keeping a food journal to avoid plateauing.

Reason #3: A Slower Metabolism

Losing weight means losing muscle as well as fat, which can cause the metabolism to slow down. More muscle equals more calories burned.

“If you are trying to reduce your body fat and you’ve hit a plateau, you absolutely need to be lifting weights,” says Kober. “Not 3-pound dumbbells. But something that is going to challenge you and help you build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn by sitting in the hot tub reading a book. Each pound of muscle equals 50 to 150 more calories burned each day.”
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