As the year comes to an end you may be thinking about your new year’s resolutions, such as those about losing weight or simply getting in better shape. If you want to lose weight this new year but feel overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe. There are many small resolutions about weight loss you can make as you start the new year to help Phentermine 37.5 mg do its job.

Pick Smaller Containers

Use smaller containers to hold snacks or takeout you order from salad bars and similar establishments. Since it’s possible to fit a pound of food in a small container, you will still feel full when you’re finished, especially if you eat your food slowly. Thoroughly chewing every bite helps your stomach recognize it is full, unlike when you gulp your food.

Drink More Water

Aim to increase your water intake to at least a gallon a day. Too many people mistake thirst for hunger, so make a point of drinking a glass of water before you have your morning coffee. It’s easier to tell if you really are hungry when you are fully hydrated.

Take A Real Lunch Break

If you always quickly eat your food at your desk while doing work or something else, you probably don’t feel satiated when the meal is over. Make time for a real lunch break and concentrate on eating your food so you do not make poor snack choices later because you are so hungry.

Eat Before You Shop

Enjoy a healthy, filling snack before you go grocery shopping so you are not tempted to purchase that ice cream or bag of chips because your stomach is growling. Veggies and hummus or fruit and cheese are among your filling snack options that help you stick to your grocery list.
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