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4 signs your weight loss will not last

The best way to lose weight is with a healthy, balanced diet, plenty of exercise and sleep, reducing your stress level, and taking Phentermine 37.5mg. Too many people attempt “quick fixes” that do not result in lasting weight loss. Take a moment to learn the signs indicating your weight loss won’t last so you can make changes quickly.

Serious Irritability

If you find yourself snapping at loved ones or otherwise feeling irritable all the time, you may be losing weight too fast. This problem is especially prevalent among those whose diets do not include enough complex carbohydrates or protein. Deprivation is a huge source of irritability!

An Overly-Restrictive Diet

Crash dieting, cutting out major food groups, and other hallmarks of fad or overly-restrictive diets cause your metabolism to seriously slow down. Once that happens your hunger level will increase and you will be more likely to binge. Rather than facing the guilt and embarrassment so often associated with binging, find ways to round out your diet. You should be eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds/whole grains, and lean protein every day.

Mental Or Emotional Issues

Dealing with the reasons for your weight gain and accepting them is key to any successful weight loss plan, especially if the size increase was due to any kind of trauma. Professional help from an objective therapist helps you realize your issues and face them head-on so you can lose weight and feel great.

Clothes Don’t Fit

If you find yourself telling people you are losing weight versus them noticing, your loss probably will not last. Your clothes should fit differently, as clothing is always a huge determining factor in how much weight you have lost or gained.

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