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4 signs your hormones are contributing to belly fat

Belly fat is widely considered some of the hardest fat to lose. The dreaded fat can be especially difficult to lose as you age due to hormonal disruptions. Learn about five signs indicating your belly fat issue is related to hormones, particularly if you just started taking Phentermine pills. You do not want to unwittingly compromise the miracle diet pills’ effectiveness.

Sign #1: Your Waistline Keeps Expanding

The body’s insulin resistance increases with age, causing the body to store rather than burn fat. Estrogen dominance in particular contributes to insulin resistance that can lead to fat around the midsection. Consider natural hormone therapy to avoid gaining weight around your middle.

Sign #2: You Are Always Stressed

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is directly linked to belly fat accumulation. If you always seem to be stressed about work, your relationship, or anything else going on in your life, it could be the reason why your belly fat refuses to disappear. Take steps to eliminate stressors in your life and find healthy distractions such as walking around the block or chatting with friends.

Sign #3: You Can’t Sleep

Insomnia-exhaustion combinations also cause stress that can result in more belly fat. The inability to fall asleep creates stress that releases cortisol. Additionally, lack of sleep contributes to weight gain because the hormones responsible for feelings of hunger and satisfaction get out of whack.

Sign #4: You Keep Having Mood Swings

Fluctuating estrogen levels from pre and post-menopause affect your mood and subsequently your waistline. Rather than potentially dealing with depression from mood swing fallouts, take steps to correct the issue. Schedule an appointment with your physician to see what your options are.
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