Weight gain occurs when you consume more calories than you burn. Yet there are many reasons for gaining weight, some of which might surprise you.

Review four “secret” reasons you’ve gained weight lately to help your Phentermine 37.5mg-fueld weight loss efforts. 

You Have a Snack Drawer

A drawer filled with unhealthy fare does nothing for weight loss. Stock it with healthy snacks instead. 

“The good-for-you fat, protein, and fiber make almonds one of my favorite snacks for flat abs,” notes celeb trainer Mark Langowski. 

You Watch Food Shows

Your favorite shows could have an impact on your weight loss or gain. 

“Television recipes often contain more calories, protein, and fat than the experts recommend,” says Mary Hartley, RD, a consulting nutritionist. “According to a study from Cornell, watching cooking shows and then cooking from scratch is associated with a higher body-mass index (BMI). However, cooking show viewers who watch but don’t cook do not have higher BMIs.”

You Skip Meals

Skipping breakfast and other meals will not help you shed pounds quickly. 

“Under-fueling is just as risky as over-fueling,” explains Carolyn Brown, MS RD. 

You Never Weigh Yourself

Weighing yourself is an important part of losing extra pounds. 

“When you avoid the scale because you don’t want to know the number, that’s when you get into trouble. This is especially true in the winter months when we’re more apt to indulge in comfort food and cover ourselves with bulky sweaters,” says registered dietitian Christine M. Palumbo. “I recommend weighing in on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If Monday is a bit higher than usual, all the better for getting back on track for the upcoming week. And Friday is good because if you’re a bit on the high side then, well, it’s all the more incentive to stay-the-course for the weekend and not go too crazy.”

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