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4 “secret” reasons why you gained weight recently

If you weigh more this week than you did last week, don’t get discouraged. There are many “secret” reasons for weight gain, many of which have nothing to do with your Phentermine 37.5mg-fueled weight loss regimen. Learn about them here to make even more healthy changes.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Without adequate hydration, your body will hold on to the water it has, causing the scale to tip. Not drinking sufficient amounts of the vital liquid also tricks the body into thinking hunger rather than thirst is the problem. Aim for one gallon of water a day to maintain a hydrated, healthy body. You’ll also urinate more often and subsequently eliminate extra fat cells.

Going to the Gym

The scale will say a higher number if you’ve been diligent about gym time. Muscle holds more water than fat, causing you to “gain weight” that actually helps burn fat. More muscle means a higher metabolism that burns fat at a more efficient level.

Eating Too Much Salt

Potato chips, pretzels, French fries, soy sauce, and other salty foods can mean ingesting too much sodium in one day. Excess salt pulls water, causing bloat that makes you feel like you’ve gained weight. By limiting your sodium intake, you’ll enjoy a thinner physique and other healthy side effects, such as better blood pressure.

Skipping Meals

Not eating three square meals a day puts the body in starvation mode, causing it to conserve the fat it has instead of using it for energy. Skipping meals also causes nutrient deficiencies that affect your health, such as making you feel fatigued and unable to work out. Healthy meals high in protein and fiber avoid these problems because they keep you satiated.

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