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4 Reasons You’re Not Losing More Weight

If you’ve hit a weight loss “plateau” and are no longer shedding pounds, you naturally want to know why. There are numerous reasons for this issue, some of which are detailed below. Use them to inspire your Phentermine 37.5mg fast weight loss regimen.

You Eat a Lot After Exercising

While it’s important to enjoy a post-workout snack, too many people eat more than they should after exercising.

“People often give themselves permission to overindulge after exercising, overestimating the calories they burned while working out,” says Kyle Ivanir, RD. “While consuming a proper post-exercise meal is important for recovery, this overconsumption often takes people out of the calorie deficit needed to lose weight.”

Your Metabolism Has Leveled Off

The issue could have to do with how your metabolism has adapted.

“When we consume less than normal, our body recognizes it is receiving less energy. It responds to this by ‘adapting’ and burning less energy at rest,” explains Ivanir, RD. “People find they need to keep restricting more and more in order to lose any weight.” Ivanir recommends strength training to increase your muscle mass and subsequently your basal metabolic core.

You’re Consuming Too Many Diet Foods

Some diet foods do more harm than weight loss-related good.

“A popular snack of choice among those focusing on reducing their carbohydrate consumption is nuts. While nuts and nut butters are extremely nutritious, they are rich in calories, which can prevent people from being in a calorie deficit,” says Ivanir.

You’re Too Restrictive

Restricting your diet excessively can lead to binging.

“The restrict-binge cycle is that all-or-nothing approach to eating where you avoid ‘bad’ foods for the majority of the time until you feel completely out-of-control around them and eat until you feel uncomfortable,” says Emma Townsin, RD. “We can’t willpower our way out of a binge-restrict cycle, as it is the restriction leading to this eating,” she explains. Want to enjoy your favorite foods while still losing weight?

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