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4 quarantine mistakes contributing to weight gain

If you’re concerned about gaining weight because of coronavirus-related stay at home orders, you are hardly alone. However, there are many ways to help Phentermine 37.5mg do its job and subsequently emerge from quarantine in the best shape of your life. Review common quarantine mistakes you may be making without realizing it to help your fast weight loss efforts.

Ordering Too Much Takeout

While using takeout and delivery services helps local eateries stay in business, excessive ordering activities will not benefit your waistline. Find other ways of supporting nearby restaurants, such as purchasing gift cards and merchandise, and order plenty of fruits and vegetables when you make delivery purchases. Fruits and veggies help you feel full, especially vegetables because of their fiber content.

Snacking All The Time

It’s easy to eat from the bag or purchase sugary snacks during quarantine due to boredom or stress. Limit snacking by measuring portions and keeping your pantry light in sugary, fattening fare. Also look into new hobbies and things to do so you don’t eat from boredom, such as teaching yourself a new skill via YouTube tutorials or learning a new dance routine.

Drinking Alcohol Every Day

Alcohol consumption has gone up because of stay at home orders; however, libations are among the biggest waistline enemies. Not only does drinking lower your inhibitions to make poor food choices more likely, it slows the metabolism because your liver works overtime to remove the “toxin.” Rather than allowing your body to retain food as fat instead of burning it as energy, say no to booze.


The gym may be closed, but quarantine is still no excuse for inactivity. Find new ways to burn calories and challenge your body, such as going for walks or runs while maintaining social distancing, or doing workout videos online. Activities such as house cleaning and gardening also burn calories.
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