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4 proven ways to prevent holiday party-related weight gain

Holiday parties laden with all kinds of sugary and fattening foods unfortunately have the power to derail weight loss efforts. And while indulging every so often is not a huge deal, it becomes an issue when you have several parties on your schedule. Help Phentermine 37.5mg work to the fullest effect by keeping these holiday party tips in mind.

Eat Before You Go

Attending a holiday party on an empty stomach is a recipe for binging. Consume something filling before you leave, such as foods high in fiber and protein, so you don’t feel the need to load your plate upon arrival. This is a key weight loss technique for any party you attend regardless of the time of year.

Stay Away From The Buffet

It’s easy to nosh and nosh some more when you are standing near the food. Whether said food is in the kitchen, a dining room buffet, or anywhere else in the home, make a point of steering clear. Catch up with friends and family, play with any children and pets in attendance, or simply enjoy the holiday decor to distract yourself.

Make Healthy Choices All Day Long

If the party is at night, try not to think about it all day and worry about what you are going to eat. Instead, get a workout in, eat filling breakfast and lunch dishes, and don’t forget a satisfying snack before you leave. You’ll arrive at the party with stabilized blood sugar and a lack of interest in the food.

Choose Healthy Holiday Foods

There’s usually vegetables as well as dairy and protein options at holiday parties, so zero in on those foods to keep yourself satiated. You can still enjoy holiday treats, just try to ensure they do not take up your entire plate.
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