While there are plenty of foods ideal for weight loss, there are just as many that hinder your progress.

Knowing what popular foods to avoid while taking Phentermine 37.5mg is subsequently key; take a moment to learn about some of the worst offenders. 

Diet Foods

Such foods might be marked as weight loss-friendly, but most are not. 

“These foods can seem like a great idea, but they often sneak in hidden ingredients and artificial sweeteners,” says Melissa Morey, RD. “Another thing to be aware of is the portion size of the foods. Often it’s better to just have a single serving of what you want instead of multiple servings of diet food.”


Keep crackers out of your pantry for several reasons. 

“While they can be tasty, they are an easy way to greatly increase your calorie intake,” says Morey. “Not only are they loaded with sodium and trans fats, but they are also highly processed and not nutrient-dense.”

Diet Soda

Banish diet soda from your life, as they can make you want to drink more!

“While these [drinks] often contain no calories, they often contain sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners,” Morey says. “These sweeteners have been found to increase sugar cravings, which can lead to weight gain.”

Sugary-Heavy Coffee

Stick to black coffee for weight loss

“A frappuccino or flavored latte can easily have 300 or more calories per drink,” says Ashley Larsen, RD. “These coffee drinks are loaded with empty calories from sugar and fat and are missing nutrients our body needs which can increase cravings and hunger throughout the day. The drinks pack enough calories as a full meal, but won’t be as filling or satisfying.”

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