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4 Of The Unhealthiest Foods On The Planet

Unfortunately, the world is full of foods with no nutritional value whatsoever. These foods contribute to weight gain in addition to harming overall health, making them foods you should avoid permanently or at least as much as possible. Learn about four of the worst offenders here as part of your commitment to fast weight loss with Phentermine 37.5mg.

Bleached White Flour Bread

Chemicals that give white bread its “white” color, such as azodicarbonamide, are no friend quick weight loss or your health in general. It’s a plastic dough conditioner that makes the bread fluffier, and there’s clinical evidence that once broken down, it becomes carcinogenic. Consume whole wheat breads instead, preferably ones featuring plenty of grains.

Diet Soda

The fake sugars in diet sodas are directly linked to weight gain, with other unnatural ingredients in these beverages including artificial sweeteners and even flame retardants. And while artificial sweeteners were originally thought to help with weight loss, recent studies find they raise glucose levels and subsequently contribute to weight gain.

Fried Foods

Deep fried foods such as French fries, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings are not only high in calories, they are also high in saturated and trans fats. The latter fat has been linked to serious bodily inflammation and cancer. Advanced Glycation End products, or AGEs, are responsible for the inflammation. A study published in the journal Advances in Nutrition says of AGEs, “sustained exposure to [AGEs] gradually erodes native defenses, setting the stage for abnormally high [oxidative stress] and inflammation, the precursors of disease.”

Stick to grilled foods instead!

Coffee Creamer

The ‘creamer’ name is misleading, as most coffee creamers contain sugar, water, and soybean or canola oil. They also contain synthetic additives such as mono and diglycerides. If you must add cream to your coffee, opt for organic cow’s milk, preferably low-fat versions to avoid the added calories.

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