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4 of the Best Frozen Foods From Costco For Weight Loss

Frozen foods can be high in processed ingredients and sugar, but others can help with Phentermine 37.5mg-related weight loss! To help you make the best frozen food choices the next time you visit Costco, learn about some of the best options offered by the big box store. 

Frontera Chicken Fajita Bowl 

This frozen meal contains grilled chicken, black beans, fire-roasted peppers, chipotle fajita sauce, and a grain blend. It is less than 300 calories and provides healthy amounts of fiber and protein. Enjoy it as is or with healthy additives such as Greek yogurt or avocado. 

Jimmy Dean Delights English Muffin, Turkey Sausage, Egg Whites, and Cheese

Jimmy Dean products are popular on-the-go morning options, with this sandwich partially ideal. It features only 260 calories as well as 2 grams of fiber. You’ll also get a nice protein boost. Enjoy this sandwich with your favorite fruits for extra fiber and other essential nutrients. 

Yucatan Avocado Halves

Keeping avocados fresh is an issue for many people. If you struggle with this problem, consider these frozen avocado halves. As with their fresh counterparts, they provide healthy fat and fiber to start mornings off the right away. Avocados are also versatile fruits that can be used many ways and enjoyed at various times of day, such as having avocado toast for lunch with a sprinkle of nuts or seeds. 

Sandwich Bros Chicken Melts Flatbread Pocket Sandwiches

A simple and hearty frozen sandwich option, this chicken melt features white chicken meat and cheese in pita bread. Each sandwich features 11 grams of protein and a mere 160 calories. Enjoy it as a snack or with other healthy fare, such as veggies and hummus. 

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