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Achieving a flat stomach after age 40 does not have to fall into the “pipe dream” category. There are many ways to enjoy a flat abdomen by exercising, taking Phentermine 37.5mg, and keeping the following tips in mind.

Add Weights to Your Workout Regimen

Weight training is key to a flat stomach.

“Strength training is a must over 40. It builds lean muscle mass, which, over time, will help boost your resting metabolic rate which slowly declines with age. So long as you have good form and proper coaching, don’t be afraid to lift heavier weights than you have in the past. — Jennifer Cassetta, clinical nutritionist and personal trainer

Eat Protein For Breakfast

Protein is a flat ab essential.

“Starting your day with protein instead of carbs prevents blood sugar spikes and insulin activity (our fat-storage hormone). It also prevents bloating. Ditch the cereal and toast and start your day with two hard-boiled eggs, a protein shake, a veggie omelet, or a Greek yogurt with chia seeds and berries, instead.” — Amy Shapiro MS, RD, CDN

Stay Away From Bloat-Causing Foods

Avoid anything that makes you bloat.

“Consider taking out foods that cause bloat, including dairy products. As we age, our bodies can’t break down lactose as efficiently. When we can’t efficiently digest something, it tends to cause gas and bloat, which is the opposite of a flat stomach. Avoid dairy foods, and you’ll likely see some improvement!” — Amy Shapiro MS, RD, CDN

Make Sleep a Priority

Remember to get your ‘zzzs.

“In your 20s, you can get away with late nights and minimal sleep. But in your 40s, your body doesn’t rebound as well. Getting too little sleep will hit you hard the next day. You’ll likely have less motivation to exercise and have increased hunger for fat and carbs. — Martha McKittrick, RD

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