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4 More Ways To Avoid Alcohol-Related Weight Gain During The Coronavirus

The stress of the coronavirus has made many people turn to alcohol. If you’re worried about weight gain from drinking too much while you’re at home, consider these additional tips to stay the course on your Phentermine 37.5 mg regimen.

Take The Dog For A Walk

If you have a four-legged friend in need of daily walks, reach for the leash instead of a glass of wine, beer, or spirits when you’re feeling stressed. It helps you and the canine burn excess energy so you feel more relaxed when you come home. Consider two long walks that last at least 30 minutes each and two or three 15-minute walks to help yourself stay away from assorted libations.

Make A Healthy Snack

Trade alcohol for water and enjoy a healthy snack such as avocado toast, veggie slices with hummus, or handfuls of your favorite nuts. Whole foods packed with protein and fiber help you feel full so you’re less likely to drink, especially if beer is your favorite alcoholic beverage because it will contribute to an uncomfortably full feeling.

Dance Through The Stress

Put on your favorite songs and dance for at least 20 minutes to reduce stress, burn calories, get your blood circulating, and avoid that drink that’s staring you in the face. Dancing provides a fun, low impact way to tone your muscles, burn calories, and say no to alcohol. It’s guaranteed to improve your mood!

Engage In A Virtual Chat

Connect with friends and family through the Zoom app, gchat, or a similar means when you need the distraction. Many people are getting together virtually in the wake of the virus to stay in touch with their favorite people.
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