4 More Ways People Unintentionally Harm Their Metabolism - Drtohelp.com

Without a high-functioning metabolism, burning calories and losing weight efficiently becomes challenging. To help yourself shed pounds with Phentermine 37.5mg quickly, review more metabolism-slowing issues to avoid. 

Sleeping in a Warm Room

Sleeping in a room that is slightly cool causes your body to burn calories in an attempt to stay warm. Doing so causes brown fat, or the fat that burns calories, to function more efficiently.

“Brown fat becomes more active in cooler temperatures to help keep us warm,” says Aaron Cypess, MD.

Eating Too Many Calories Late in the Day

“Eating a large dinner, especially too close to bedtime, can be detrimental to your metabolism,” says nutritionist Amy Shapiro. “It’s likely to throw off your inner clock and make you not hungry in the morning, which can ultimately lead to weight gain.” 

“When a person drinks [alcohol], acetate is formed,” adds nutritionist Seth Santoro. “The body spends time trying to detoxify itself rather than burn calories.” 

Not Eating Enough

Boosting your metabolism requires eating enough every day.

“In an attempt for quick, noticeable weight loss, many people wrongfully believe that eating as few calories as possible is the best solution,” says Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN. “Not only can this lead to numerous nutritional deficiencies as the body is getting less food overall, but it can also actually have the opposite effect on weight loss.”

Consuming Unhealthy Snacks

Your snacking matters.

“Always be prepared for a busy or unpredictable day by keeping healthy snacks on you, at your desk, in your car,” says Shapiro. “You’ll have no reason to run to the vending machine for chips or stick your hand in the candy bowl.” 

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