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4 More Spring Cleaning Activities That Burn Calories

If you need more spring cleaning activities to keep you occupied while you wait out the coronavirus, there are plenty of calorie-burning options to select from. Review five more ways to burn calories and keep your home clean and healthy during these uncertain times. Cleaning also keeps your mind off the news and helps Phentermine 37.5mg work as efficiently as possible.

Washing Dishes By Hand

For women, washing dishes by hand for 30 minutes burns 49 calories. It burns 58 calories for men when performed for the same amount of time. Make the activity work for you even more by incorporating squats into the mix.

Taking Out The Trash

Trash bags are usually pretty darn heavy, and along with the recycling can help you break a sweat. The activity burns 57 calories for women and 58 calories for men while also giving your arms a good workout. Help yourself further by doing some lunges, squats, and jumping jacks each time you finish moving a bag or box of recycling.

Washing Windows

Washing the inside and outside of your home’s windows for 30 minutes burns 126 calories for women and 149 calories for men. The washing motion additionally helps you tone your arms. Again, feel free to add exercises to your window washing activities, such as squats, lunges, and anything else you want that’s safe.

Sweeping The Front Walk

If your home includes a front walk, give it a good sweep to burn calories in addition to increasing curb appeal. Sweeping for 30 minutes burns 113 and 133 calories for women and men, respectively. If your property includes any other walkways and patios, sweep them as well to burn extra calories.

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