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4 more “secret” reasons for weight gain

There are many reasons you seemed to gain weight in a week. Learn about four more causes as you move forward with your Phentermine 37.5mg fast weight loss regimen.

Getting Less Sleep

Recent studies show that even mild sleep deprivation, such as getting 30 minutes less of rest per night, can interfere with hormone levels. Ghrelin, the hunger-stimulating hormone, works overtime while levels of leptin, the hunger-suppressing hormone, lower. Aim for eight to nine hours of sleep a night to avoid feeling extra hungry and subsequently making poor food choices.


Not drinking enough water, not getting enough exercise, and not eating enough fiber are among the main causes of constipation. Since the body features 30 feet of digestive tract and solid waste adds density to the body, you can tip the scale if you’re having constipation issues. Consume more fiber and drink more water to promote healthy, regular movements.

Going Out Drinking

Alcohol is high in carbs that cause the body to retain water. It also keeps sodium in your bloodstream because alcohol prevents an antidiuretic hormone from functioning properly as it builds up. The more alcohol in your bloodstream, the more diluted, sodium-free urine the kidneys produce. Excess sodium in the body causes bloat. And since alcohol lowers inhibitions, the likelihood of eating fatty, sugary food increases.


Whether you’re out to dinner, having a meal with friends you haven’t seen in some time, or overeating for any other reason, you can feel like you’ve gained a few pounds the next day. Portion control provides the key to overeating prevention, especially if you focus on high-fiber, low-calorie vegetables and lean proteins. Small doses of healthy fat also keep you satisfied to minimize overeating.

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