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4 more of the worst ways to lose weight

If you recently began a Phentermine 37.5mg-fueled regimen, first congratulate yourself on taking control of your weight loss. Take Phentermine while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, as both help the miracle pill do its best work. With that in mind learn about more of the many unhealthy ways to lose weight to support your efforts.

Eating Only One Food

Diets such as the “grapefruit diet” and the cabbage soup” diet don’t work because they are essentially crash diets. And while they can work in the short-term, their long-term track record is terrible. These deprivation diets easily pile the weight back on when you start eating other foods, and can also lead to binging. Such diets also prevent you from consuming essential nutrients.

Cutting Out Entire Food Groups

While forsaking carbs or other whole food groups can potentially help you lose weight in the short term, it is no friend to lasting weight loss…or your overall health. Each food group features essential nutrients vital to bodily health, and forgoing them can result in a variety of complications you would rather not deal with. Stick to a balanced diet instead.

Drinking Laxative Teas

Laxative teas do not help you lose weight, and can easily disrupt your bowel functions. All you lose with laxative teas is fluids, which can dehydrate you in addition to disrupting your body’s electrolyte balance. Green tea is a natural diuretic that can assist with weight loss, so sip it instead.

Working Out For Hours & Hours

When it comes to exercise, there is such a thing as overdoing it. Working out for more than two hours at a time will make you ravenously hungry and possibly result in binge sessions that undo all the hard work you put in.
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