The wrong nighttime habits can contribute to weight gain whether you realize it or not. Review four more habits that pack on the pounds so you can take steps to quit them and subsequently help Phentermine 37.5mg do its job.

Habit: You Always Eat Dinner Late

While you can’t always help late dinners due to your job or other obligations, it shouldn’t become a regular thing. The earlier you consume dinner, the more opportunities you have to burn the food off. Late night dinners and snacking make weight gain more likely because you’re sedentary and then go to bed. Make early dinners work for you even more by adding a post-meal walk to your nightly routine, or engaging in exercises such as squats and lunges while you watch television.

Habit: You Make Lunch & Dinner The Biggest Meals Of The Day

Breakfast should be the biggest meal not only because it gives you the energy you need to power through the day, but because you have ample time to burn it off. Make lunch and dinner portions smaller, and focus on foods such as vegetables and lean proteins that are low in calories and keep you satiated for hours. Protein shakes are also helpful supplements worth considering.

Habit: You’re A “Night Owl”

Staying up late on occasion is no threat to your health or weight loss goals; however, consistent inconsistency concerning shut-eye hours does not do a body good. Studies show that those who follow regular sleep schedules lose more weight than people with irregular schedules.

Habit: You Drink Green Tea

Green tea may be a recommended weight loss drink, but it should not be enjoyed at night because it’s caffeinated. Rather than experiencing insomnia issues, have your green tea in the morning when it will give you energy to tackle your to-do list.
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