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4 more cheap & easy ways to lose five pounds

Help yourself lose those stubborn last five pounds the quick and cheap way with more easy tips. Use them in conjunction with Phentermine 37.5mg, a balanced diet, and a regular exercise regimen to enjoy the fast weight loss you want.

Eat More Eggs

Add this protein source to your diet to lose weight without straining your wallet.

Eggs are very inexpensive and have been shown over and over to help with weight loss,” says registered dietitian Cassie Bjork. “What’s more, eggs are considered the most bioavailable source of protein, which means your body digests, absorbs and uses the protein in eggs better than in any other food in the world.”

Purchase Frozen Veggies & Fruit

Frozen fruit and vegetables contain all the same nutrients as their non-frozen counterparts without the added expense. Vegetables in particular are ideal for weight loss because they are so high in fiber and low in calories. Try adding a vegetable to every meal to see the quick weight loss results you crave.

Forget Fast Food

Not only is fast food unhealthy, it’s also expensive. And as tempting as dollar menus can be, they are not worth the calories.

By cutting back on pre-made meals, packaged, and processed snacks you’ll have a lot of room leftover in your food budget for the nourishing, real foods that fuel your body with the nutrients it needs for weight loss,” says Bjork.

Work Out Everywhere

Never skimping on an opportunity to burn more calories adds up quickly. Get in the habit of doing jumping jacks while you watch TV, or squats while taking a break at the office. Use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible, and park farther away so you have to take extra steps to your location. And these are just some ideas!
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