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4 healthy snacks that promote weight loss & boost the immune system

With COVID overshadowing the last seven months and cold and flu season on the way, boosting the immune system is extra essential. Take a moment to review healthy, weight-conscious snacks as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg journey that improve immunity. The obesity rate is higher than ever in the U.S., and a coronavirus risk factor.

Homemade Granola With Greek Yogurt

If you’ve a longtime granola fan, get into the habit of making it yourself instead of relying on sugar-heavy store bought versions. Look for organic granola that’s low in sugar, and combine with fruit such as dried cranberries or raisins. Improve the snack’s immune-boosting abilities further by topping it with Greek yogurt. The Greek stuff doesn’t contain nearly as much sugar as yogurt with fruit on the bottom, and is high in protein to help you feel full.

Kale Chips

Procure kale from the local grocery store or farmer’s market to create your own kale chips. Season them with sea salt to make the crispy snack even more delicious. Kale features tons of immunity-friendly vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B-6, C, E, and K, while also helping burn belly fat.

Green Smoothies

There’s tons of green smoothie options available to help you feel full in the morning and give your immune system some love. Choose from those featuring the aforementioned kale as well as lime, lemon, and avocado, as well as smoothies with matcha, mint, and honey. Feel free to experiment with different combinations.

Avocado Crispbreads

Use crispbreads to keep avocado slices in place, and add flavor with dill, everything bagel seasoning, radish slices, and fresh lemon. You’ll do your immunity and your waistline a favor with this nutrient-dense snack.

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